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Previous. Next. INDEK is in the intersection of management and economics, technology and science. Read more about INDEK and our 2018-06-18 · Career Options With Your Degree .

Industrial economics careers

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Economists study the ways societies use resources such as land, labour, raw material and machinery to produce goods and services. Industrial economists focus on the effect of factors such as government policy, international trade regulations and labour relations on the sectors in which businesses operate. Industrial economists Top Jobs at Industrial Economics Incorporated. Industrial Economics Incorporated. Research Analyst Jobs; Industrial Economics Incorporated.

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American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 12(1): 260-87. with Olle Folke. [Coverage: New Gender and work compensation in China's industrial sector.

Industrial economics careers

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Industrial economics careers

A degree in economics will provide many opportunities to work in nearly any industry. There are many careers available to individuals with an economics degree that allow you to focus on tasks and projects that are interesting and engaging for you. Let’s take a look at 18 of the top jobs you can get with an economics degree.

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Given some time, you might be able to join the top 10 percent of earners, bringing in a salary above $124,320. 15. Statistician. Economics enthusiasts tend to adore statistics. If number-crunching is one of your favorite activities, this could be one of the best jobs for economics majors for you.