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Crosscontrol stall

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No, sorry, full stall please. What about the flaps? If it's a power-‐off stall the PTS says “landing configuration”.

Crosscontrol stall

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Crosscontrol stall

Putting the low wing into the wind, slipping down and then controls to neutral with that wing still down allowed me  A cross-control stall is a stall that occurs when the critical angle of attack (AoA) is exceeded while in a skidding or slipping turn induced by aileron pressure in one direction and rudder pressure in the opposite direction (hence the name cross-control). A cross-control stall is a stall while in a skidding turn, that is a turn with excessive bottom rudder. By bottom rudder, I mean if we are turning right, the bottom rudder is the right rudder. In a cross control stall, the airplane often stalls with little warning. The nose may pitch down, the inside wing may suddenly drop, and the airplane may continue to roll to an inverted position.

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Anyway  2013年4月3日 This type of stall occurs with the controls crossed— aileron pressure applied in one direction and rudder pressure in the opposite direction. Although it appeared that a stall recovery was commenced, the aircraft stalled at The handbook also described aircraft behaviour during a cross-control stall  Most accuracy jumpers prefer their canopy enter full sink/stall with their hands is more precise, and that a "cross control" turn is most effective Instead of simply  Improper stall recovery procedure. Secondary stalls, accelerated stalls, and cross -control stalls. Effect of environmental elements on aircraft performance related  In this handout we'll look at undershooting and cross-control stalls-the kinds of calibrated stall speed for your airplane at its actual landing weight, or 1.4 Vso. Spin avoidance is a matter of practicing cross-control stalls until a conditioned reflex of using the rudder is ingrained.